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Our Offering

  • IoTOnDemand Cloud Platform is a turnkey solution for all electric & electronic device manufacturers/OEMs, to make all these devices IoT enabled.
  • IoTOnDemand Cloud Platform is a high-quality, comprehensive solution, at a fixed & reasonable cost.
  • IoTOnDemand cloud platform service offers one time, lifetime cost. Unlike other IoT service providers, there is no variance or hidden costs to this amount.
  • A guaranteed 7 days delivery, to provide you & your consumers the control of all your devices at your fingertips, on demand.
  • IoTOnDemand Cloud Platform service will be available at no cost for not-for-profit organizations, hospitals and universities.

Technical Components of IoTOnDemand Cloud Platform

Networking IoT Hardware

  • Raspberry Pi – ARM processor
  • Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Low power usage chip
  • More than 100 sensors integrated
  • FCC certified hardware
  • UL Certified hardware
  • ARM processor – ESP32/ESP8266/ESP32-S2
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IoT Device Firmware

  • Able to report & fix hardware related problems
  • Linux is highly hardened and secure
  • OS is capable of using ultra low power mode
  • Can operate on Lithium-ion or AAA battery with lots of years of life
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Hadoop BigData Cloud Platform

  • Highly secure (complies with 2020 California Law)
  • Highly Secure and scalable
  • Support for 100’s of IoT frameworks specific to industry
  • One time, lifetime cost includes:
  • All customization included
  • Sell your product to multiple users
  • Product upgrade and security fixes
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Mobile App/UI

  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Platform to build your own brand
  • Free upgrade & custom changes
  • Customizable UI menu
  • Fully integrated with Alexa, Google Home/Apple HomePod
  • White labeled and is published in your company name
  • Support by our Software Team at no extra cost
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Approved Patent License

  • Patent No 15/292,381 & Patent No 15/356,244
  • Inventor: Harpal Singh
  • Smart Electronics Device Management System
  • Manages & controls electronic devices.
  • The device includes a wall-mountable housing structure.
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Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning

  • Planning and Learning
  • Motion and Manipulation
  • Knowledge-based and Statistical Learning
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High-Velocity Computing and Testing

  • Simple and Object-Oriented
  • Secure and Robust
  • Hadoop/ Big-Data Architecture
  • High Performance and Multithreaded software designs
  • Distributed and Dynamic Computing
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Security & Compliance

Available on IOS & Android

Cost Benefits to Our Manufacturers

Multiple companies are spending millions of dollars and years of efforts to design & create IoT solutions.

Other IoT cloud platform service providers offer multiple IoT services but they all come with various terms & conditions. Their price structures are too complex, with different variables on which cost of the service is measured.

IoTOnDemand Platform guarantees to offer comprehensive services (including regular upgrades, free Tier 3 support & more) at one time, lifetime cost. The price will not change, even after 10 years and millions of devices.

What benefits will you get if you invest in IoTOnDemand when millions of devices are supported?

Solutions Based on IoTOnDemand Cloud Platform

We ensure our clients remain focused towards their core business & on selling their IoT enabled products. Our offering has been designed with an aim to overcome the manufacturers' & OEMs' challenge of investing huge amounts & resources to design an IoT platform for their products.

We also aim to eliminate the complications of variable prices expected by other IoT service providers, by offering a reasonable cost along with full-fledged security services.

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