Specifications Other Well-known IoT Service Providers IoTOnDemand Platform
Scalability The interface is designed to scale up to millions of devices Manufacturers can sell their IoT enabled products to millions of users
Average cost of the service Cost structure is complicated & varies as per assumptions (data volume, size etc.) Cost remains fixed at ₹75 per device one time, lifetime cost
Central hub Provided by the companies 100% hosted by the company
Device Management Provides pipeline support for data that needs to be sent to the device 100% hosted by the company
The state of the device is available along with the last known activity, with full control of the device. (Predictive maintenance) Able to report and fix the hardware related problems. (Proactive maintenance) Complete control of the device at your fingertips.
Specific skill requirements Does not require cloud development expertise. Our software development team is always available in case of any complex issues.

₹75 per device one time, lifetime cost price and 7 days Guarantee

IoTOnDemand Platform: Value Preposition

What all can you get in ₹75?


  • A smaller learning curve: lacks knowledge and experience with IoT technologies
  • Patents approval can be a tedious task
  • Will end up spending 5 to 10 million USD. This cost will include:
    • Costs of research & design staff
    • Time value of money: A lumpsum invested by the company to build a range of IoT enabled products
    • Development cost & Manufacturing cost: The product will require unique equipment & machinery for its production
    • Marketing & Promotion cost
    • Analysis & Report generation (if advance consumer behavior research is conducted)
  • Development time of 2 to 4 years
  • Ongoing software/hardware upgrade cost
  • Ongoing cost of continuous software development
  • Ongoing Tier 3 support cost
  • Your focus will get divided between building an IoT enabled product & selling it.


IoTOnDemand Platform

  • Fixed cost ₹75 per device one time, lifetime cost for as many customers as you want (10,000 or millions)
  • Fully Hosted Cloud infrastructure
  • Customization, upgrade and security fixes included
  • No hidden cost other than ₹75 per device one time, lifetime cost
  • Our Offerings
    • Networking Hardware
    • IoT Device Operating System
    • Hadoop BigData Cloud Platform
    • UserInterface – iPhone/Android/API
  • This ₹75 per device one time, lifetime cost also includes the cost of;
    • Development environment
    • Test environment
    • Production environment
    • Staging environment
  • Licensed with Approved USA Patent No 15/292,381
  • 7 DAYS Guarantee TO GO LIVE: Once you sign up with us, the process to go live is only a matter of 7 days.
  • You can focus on sell your product than IoT development

Other IoT Platform Service Providers

These service providers offer multiple IoT services but they all come with various terms & conditions:

  • The virtual network & connect-to data centers are limited to 50.
  • The outbound data transfer has a bandwidth of 50GB and becomes payable post that.
  • The web, mobile or API apps is capped at 10.
  • Virtual machines (connecting other OS to current OS), one of manufacturer’s core needs, unlike IoT on Demand Platform is billed on per second basis
  • Facial recognition as an API is restricted to only 30,000 transaction/month
Per Minute Daily Year 1 Sale Year 2 Sale Year 3 Sale
Transaction/ minute Transaction/ day/ device Transaction/ month for 100,000 devices Transaction/ month for 300,000 devices Transaction/ month for 600,000 devices
5 7200 21,600,000,000 64,800,000,000 129,600,000,000
  • It was a massive cost challenge to do business for three years.
  • Charging on the basis of per transaction is a slippery slope. IoT devices are very chatty.
  • For instance, a Humidity + Temperature + Current + Motion + IoT device availability will generate about 5 transaction per minute, as mentioned in the chart above.
  • Other IoT Cloud Platforms provide you one-year free service and the reason for that is that they expect you take at least a year to build the solution