Any time any request comes to Hadoop BigData Cloud platform, it always goes through multiple security levels before reaching to the database. We use technologies like JWT (JSON Web Token), HTTPS and 2-Factor Authentication. At no instance you can access database directly without going through these security levels.
Also, device data is partitioned per device, Device A cannot access Device B data.

IoTOnDemand Platform can work with Apple iOS and Android smart phones.

We need a data & telephone connection for 2 Factor Authentication. iPad, MacBook, Windows laptops or Chrome book are not feasible for 2-factor authentications.

For Industrial IoT, we integrate using API or Web Services with platforms like Salesforce, Service Now, Microsoft Azure, AWS or SAP, and or any other private cloud.

For instance: For a refrigerator company with 2000 refrigerators, spread across nation, IoT Data can be seamlessly integrated, collected, analyzed and sent to another application to calculate the power usage or utilization based on outside temperature. As we learn more about usage we fine tune it further.

Data requirement is very minimal, i.e. few bytes of data only. Let’s say we are doing a temperature reading every one minute. The packet size will be a few bytes only. Few more bytes are added due to encryption. So, to the max of 1KB of data of bust.

Video camera, on the other hand, is an extreme example and can take lot more bandwidth.

You do not have to upgrade the hardware until the manufacturer stops making those processors or components. The good thing about IoT is that we can upgrade new firmware and we keep on using the same hardware for a very long time.

We can upgrade the cloud engine, the firmware and the UI. We generally refresh UI every 6 months.

This price is for one product type. For instance: you manufacture table fans. As long as table fan remains a table fan, the price does not change. That is, if you use the same hardware in 10 different models of table fans price remains the same. But if you manufacture air-conditioners also, then that is a different product type. Hence, for the air-conditioner you will need one more license.

There might be two solutions. As table fan or a ceiling fan might use same hardware and firmware. AC or refrigerator is totally different solution. These three IoT model data are integrated into the same application. For instance, if someone purchases John Doe fans and also Joe Doe AC. These two can be managed on same mobile application.

Our product is fully integrate-able and we have designed it in a way that multiple devices can be handled from multiple locations.

No, any data we collect is not shared with any third party. Only you have access to data.

Tier 3 support is free. Tier 3 problems are typically firmware or database related. Mostly to solve Tier 3 problems you need technical subject matter experts.

We can provide support within 24hrs. Initially when you launch the product, we pair a technical expert with you who will frequently be in touch with you. Once the device is stabilized after a few months, Tier 3 problems will not rise very often.

We expect you to take care of Tier 1 & 2 issues yourself.

Tier 1 and 2 can be solved through built-in ticketing system. IoT devices are generally sub 100-dollar devices. Telephonic support is not provided.

Yes, when you buy the device, we will have a configuration which we think is best for user experience. Then when we sit with the manufacturer, they will also suggest the default configuration. The Health Scripts, for instance; in those scripts, provide the option to “reset to default value”. We can modify these values as we learn more about the product.

Unlike other IoT Cloud service providers, IoTOnDemand platform provides great flexibility of scalability of your products.

The per device cost of ₹75, covers thousands or millions of devices of the same product type. To add another product line, you need another license, which will provide you the flexibility to expand your production to thousands and millions in number.

IoTOnDemand device is designed to anticipate all failure scenarios and provide personalized solutions.
The ‘Health Scripts’ for instance, are part of user experience. We have built these scripts to solve common issues.

This minimizes helpdesk load and gives more control to end user. These scripts can be automated and can be modified as we learn more about product.

IoTOnDemand Platform configures servers for each client and stores the data collected in these specific servers. The data is aggregated in our Hadoop BigData Cloud platform.
Data collection is depicted well in the image above. In reference to this image:
The sensors in your device gather data which is then transferred over a network. From here data gets transferred to our Hadoop BigData Cloud Platform.
The cloud gateways connect the device and the cloud. It transmits control commands, going from the cloud to the device, which are executed by the device.

Yes we will provide ₹75 / Device for 1000 Devices order for the all the software solution (Firmware/ Cloud Infrastructure/ Mobile user interface/ OTA technology/ Alexa/ Google Home). The hardware cost will be at actual. We will write this in the Master Service Agreement. The true cost hardware will determined by the feature you want.

Yes, the OTA technology is built into our cloud infrastructure. The devices can be upgraded from anywhere.

All our products are operated thru Alexa and Google Home.

Yes, our hardware engineers will work on Firmware -Micro Controller Linking Support.

Yes we support both Android and iOS.

Yes our solution supports LED ON/OFF function and Dimmer.

IoTOnDemand will create brochures and Video content for free. We have integrated “How to” video in our UI mobile application. This material will be created in your brand name.

Please read ceiling fan brochure under “our products” on

Yes, our hardware and firmware is compatible with ESP8266 microcontroller. In order to have IoT advanced functionality ESPRESSIF has designed a low cost ESP32 microcontroller. To achieve OTA and seamless Wi-Fi SSD configuration we recommend ESP32.

Smart timer is a Software Feature in IoTOnDemand Smart Application. User can schedule to start/stop device at specific time.

IoTOnDemand Smart Application oscillate the fan speed by 10% in Wave/ Breeze Mode.

For this feature current sensor is installed in Hardware and we check if there is no current flow detected.

Auto Drain is a convenient way to drain the water from the tank. If this feature is built in the cooler we can control this feature from mobile Application.

IoTOnDemand Smart Application check for set Temperature and Humidity levels and turn On/Off cooling/Water and change speed accordingly.

Water level sensor is installed in the cooler. IoTOnDemand Smart Application can check and alert if water level is below threshold.

This is Software feature where IoTOnDemand Smart Application report total usage of Appliance/device.

If you have Smoke sensor installed/connected/integrated with the device, IoTOnDemand Smart Application can generate Audio Alert and send out notifications.

IoTOnDemand Smart Application can read status of Motion, Temperature and humidity sensors (if installed in Device) and can perform action as per set rules by user.

IoTOnDemand Smart Application can read from current sensor and generate reports on Power usage and appliance usage.

Hardware Blueprint i.e. Circuit diagram of the hardware , an application on your name through which your customers will use the smart device, tier 3 support from our team, full cloud infrastructure, and free software updates.

The solution we are providing is at ₹75 per device, with no hidden costs for a minimum of 1000 fans.

We are already working on such projects, but as you want customisable solution, we can discuss with our technical team on this, where the technical as well as financial components can be discussed.

Yes, Air Cooler can be controlled via voice command.

Steps to integrate Alexa –

– click on Alexa
– click on link
– if you don’t have an a/c then click on “ create a new a/c “ and create one
– else sign in by filling in your amazon a/c details
– click on sign up
– sign in using your ph no registered with Us
– click on “ open “
– your a/c is linked with Alexa

We are using Wi-Fi protocol for connecting to IoT cloud platform,
For configuring Wi-Fi we use Bluetooth in ESP-32 and AP mode in ESP-8266.
For integration with Samsung hub and Google hub we use IFTTT, we also integrate with Alexa and Google Home. We also use 6LoWPAN for a variety of applications including wireless sensor networks. 6LoWPAN use IPv6 – providing the basis for the name – IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks.

Yes, We can provide you customized solution, Once we have details of your existing hardware our technical team and check and discuss further.

We Have made Smart Fan Regulator R3201 with basic functionalities compatible with all AC Fans.

Notifications only come when app is running in background.

Reset password option is available on login screen . You can reset your password from there.

After resetting device to factory default , one has to do device registration process again . so Invites for the device are to be sent again.

After Resetting Device to Factory Default , the device needs to be registered as a new device again and the older one goes offline.

Default Rebooting is the same as restarting. The purpose is to close and reopen the operating system. Reset Device to Factory Default on the other hand means taking the device back to state in which it left factory . Resetting deletes all your personal data.

OTP is valid for 3 minutes.

To discover device along with bluetooth GPS/location should be enabled.

Invitee with Friend / handyman access cannot send invites.​

When we click on sign up / login, an OTP is sent to our registered mobile number.
If you haven’t received OTP, click on Re-send button.
Clicking twice on “resend ” button, “send OTP on email” option appears.
Clicking on send email button you’ll receive OTP on your registered email ID.