Think of a platform where all the devices are connected to the internet. A network where all your devices can “talk” to each other. This is what IoT stands for.

An on-demand service which brings the control of all your devices at your fingertips, IoTOnDemand is a one-stop solution to make all your devices IoT enabled. The best part is that it eliminates the need to invest in IoT infrastructure, you can use it as an end-to-end service, enabling savings of millions of dollars.

This service can be used across various sectors & industries. In today’s competitive era customer experience plays a very important role in retaining them. IoTOnDemand provides the manufacturers insights on customers’ habits & behaviors. The cloud collects data through connected devices & our team assists you to analyze this data. This will give you a chance to integrate your customers’ needs to be fulfilled through better product performance, thus providing an enhanced customer experience.

Technical Components of IoTOnDemand Platform

Networking IoT Hardware

IoT network brings all your connected devices at one platform, thus enabling them to “talk” to each other. These smart devices collect information & communicate the codes to the data center, via the internet.
Our low energy Bluetooth 4.0, is another medium of wireless connection of all devices in the network. This version maintains a similar communication range while ensuring reduced power consumption and reduces expenses.

  • We will offer our clients full-fledged blue prints of the hardware to ensure transparency, clarity & convenience
  • Low power usage chip (operate on two AA for years) in microAmps
  • More than 100 sensors integrated (Temperature, Humidity, Current, moisture, camera, water spray, air quality and more)
  • Our hardware is FCC / UL certified
  • ARM 1GHz/512MB/16GB
  • Texas Instruments 1312 processor
  • Bluetooth 4.1/802.11 b/g/n /6LoWPAN IEEE 802.15.4

IoT Device Firmware

  • Custom Linux OS
  • Highly hardened and secure
  • Firewall enabled: blocks all the inward ports
  • Our OS is Over-the-air (OTA) enabled, capable of wireless deployment, bug fixing & security
  • Compatible with new IoT California Law
  • Wi-Fi provisioning framework
  • User Access Security Framework
  • Reports & fixes hardware issues
  • Seamless reporting of customer issues and product improvement
  • HTTPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 6LowPAN protocol used
  • Two factor user authentication(2FA) enabled with open source technology JWT (JSON Web Token)
  • Firmware for more than 100 sensor
  • OS is capable of using ultra low power mode in Micro Amps. Can operate on Lithium-ion or AAA battery with lots of years of life.

Hadoop BigData Cloud Platform

IoTOnDemand aims to design the best possible solutions with state-of-the-art techniques, to the business problems your company is attempting to solve. This begins with understanding your business operations & providing customised IoT enabled solutions for your devices.

SaaS architecture allows data to be accessed from any device (with internet connection & a web browser), thus removing the need for you to deploy & run applications in your own data centers. This convenience eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning & maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation & support.

  • Fully hosted & private cloud platform
  • Reliable and highly secure, scalable platform
  • Sell your IoT enabled product to 10,000 or millions of users, cost remains the same: $1 per device guaranteed.
  • Proven product build on engine in Hadoop big data cloud platform​.
  • Built-in user-friendly tools for efficient device management
  • Can support few Tera bytes of storage
  • Based on Bigdata infrastructure using technologies like LINUX/JAVA/ Python/ MongoDB/ Nginx/PHP/ C/NodeJS/ Socket I/O, WSS (WebSocket over SSL/TLS)
  • Two factor user authentication (2FA) enabled with open source technology JWT (JSON Web Token)

Mobile Application/UI

IoTOnDemand designs & deploys a fully customisable & personalised mobile application to bring the control of all your IoT enabled devices at your fingertips.

  • UI is white labeled (your IoT UI will have your brand name): The mobile application designed by IoTOnDemand Platform will be rebranded with our clients company’s name.
  • User access security framework enabled
  • Free upgrades and customized changes
  • We assist our clients to solve complex problems and Tier 3 issues at no extra cost
  • User can manage and control multiple IoT devices based at multiple locations
  • Reports & fixes hardware & software issues
  • iOS, Android and API is supported
  • Fully Integrated with Amazon Alexa/ Google Home/ Apple HomePod

Licensed with Approved USA Patents

Patent No 15/292,381 and Patent No 15/356,244

Smart Electronics Device Management System (Patent No 15/292,381) – Inventor: Harpal Singh

A smart electronic device management system that is utilized to manage and control electronic devices. The device includes a housing structure that may be mounted to a surface such as a wall.

A video capture device provides a live video feed of the surrounding areas while at least one environmental sensor allows monitoring of conditions in the surrounding areas. A wireless communication module allows the device to be associated with an external computing device. Various electronic devices may be connected to the device through a plurality of electrical outlets on the housing structure. A control unit allows the device to monitor and manage electronic devices that are wirelessly connected to the device or connected through the plurality of electrical outlets. The control unit is configured to calculate a sprinkler schedule using data retrieved through the wireless communication module.


  • Highly hardened and secure OS on IoT Devices
  • Firewall is enabled on IoT Device. It blocks all the inward ports and only allows secure HTTPS 443 outward port
  • FCC/UL certified hardware
  • Two factor user authentication (2FA) enabled with open source technology JWT (JSON Web Token)
  • Compatible with new IoT California Law
  • User Access Security Framework
  • Built-in user tools to manage device like Health Check Scripts etc.
  • Web service to record device heartbeat/ availability every 3 Minutes