Take control of your irrigation system by analyzing soil moisture and weather condition. Smart irrigation sprinkler system does manage multiple zones. Users can operate it through voice assistants such as Alexa, Apple Homepod and Google Home.

IoT Enabled Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Features

  • 24 Zones Smart Irrigation Sprinkler.
  • Auto smart Weather detection.
  • Auto Programmed Rain Delay.
  • Auto ON/OFF with Dusk/Dawn.
  • Auto notifications on faulty valves or electrical wiring faults.
  • Auto Soil Moisture Detector.
  • Audio Alert System.
  • Product Life Cycle Detection.
  • Integrated MPU to Save Energy
  • Quick-water sprinkle option to freshen up your yard before guests arrive.
  • Ability to create your own program schedules with water restrictions in your area.
  • Temperature and Humidity Detector.
  • Detailed water usage reporting.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Alexa, AppleHomepod,Google Home & IFTTT.
  • Complies with EPA Water Sense Certification.
  • Networking IoT Hardware Design and Schematic