Think of a platform where all the devices are connected to the internet. A network where all your devices can “talk” to each other. This is what IoT stands for.

An on-demand service which brings the control of all your devices at your fingertips, IoTOnDemand is a one-stop solution to make all your devices IoT enabled. The best part is that it eliminates the need to invest in IoT infrastructure, you can use it as an end-to-end service, enabling savings of millions of dollars.

This service can be used across various sectors & industries. In today’s competitive era customer experience plays a very important role in retaining them. IoTOnDemand provides the manufacturers insights on customers’ habits & behaviors. The cloud collects data through connected devices & our team assists you to analyze this data. This will give you a chance to integrate your customers’ needs to be fulfilled through better product performance, thus providing an enhanced customer experience.

There are four major components which are involved in building a successful IoT platform:

  • Networking IoT Hardware
  • IoT Device Operating System
  • Cloud Platform
  • User Interface

We provide the best quality services across these four IoT components and more.


A Broad Picture of IoTOnDemand Platform